SD1 DPm banding??

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Re: Differs from SD-1 to DP-2M

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

ToasterFlyer wrote:

I would rather not sort through all the threads/useless comments etc.. so I was wondering about the banding some images have. Is it mainly due to exposure
and or processing?

On the SD-1, I have never seen banding. I think if you take a high ISO image and really push some parameters you might get some slight artifacts like banding.

Interesting, Kendall.

Likewise I have never seen banding in over 5,000 images shot with my SD1M. That may well be attributed to:

  • I rarely shoot at other than ISO 200, the baseline ISO for the SD1/M

  • I NEVER use in camera JPEGS for anything but sorting

  • My workflow is to process first in SPP, followed by tweaking with Photoshop CS6

Is that limiting? Sure, but it suits my needs perfectly.

Best Regards,

Bill Taylor
Gambrills, MD

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