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Re: Walt

I still like this one!

WaltKnapp wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

Thanks so much for this info. It never even dawned on me about this type of setup. Would still be expensive after also buying a truck, but is a viable option for me! Although I think a truck cab on 7 week trip for 3 or 4 would be pushing it ;-(

Some trucks are awful cushy these days. Yes the more people the bigger and more complex a camper you need. There are truck campers that will go on the 4 door trucks. In my case 2 is all we are planning for. I was looking at a ad this weekend for the exact size I'm after that had been bought as a shell, little in interior and then set up for a family of 4. Not to bad with two kids, 4 adults would be awfully crowded if all were inside on a rainy day.

Used this gear does tend to take a fair drop in price. Though you want to carefully study the design of what you are thinking about. What I'm considering is welded aluminum so lasts very well.

I didn't see anything in "Options" for portable generator installed?

A few of the users of these campers do use a portable generator, but don't really build them in. Usually the 1kw or 2kw honda or some other similar brand. Plug an extension cord into the generator and that into the camper's 110v input plug and you are set to go. Generator is outside and not vibrating the camper that way.

But about the only use I can see that cannot be supplied by batteries and solar panels is air conditioning. And I think I might could even get that to run without a generator. Even the quietest generator is loud out in the quiet outback so not too popular with the folks that go for these.

You can have one with refrigerator/freezer, water supply, stove, heater, hot water with a shower, microwave, porta pottie and so on and get all that running without generator. Modern solar panel systems can be pretty capable. It's really not a design for folks that are going to go to campgrounds and plugins. But only a little bigger in pickup campers and you can get into built in generators and so on. At a greatly increased gas consumption, however. It's all compromise.

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