Sony Not Standing Behind Nex 7 Only Six Months Later

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Sony Not Standing Behind Nex 7 Only Six Months Later

I posted a few weeks ago about problems that developed with my electronic view finder ( ) and was very happy with the help Sony Support attempted to provide and their indication that I could send my Sony Nex 7 in for repair under warranty, since the camera was just purchased in February. However, today it has become clear that Sony is not going to stand behind their product.

First, they called this morning to tell me that there are six parts in the camera that need to be replaced. Two of those elements are the rubber grip and front casing (the rubber grip started detaching within a few weeks after I got the camera, but I didn't send it in for repairs because I was able to reattach with super glue and thought it was a "superficial" problem). Sony is willing to cover those two parts under warranty because of a "bulletin" they have put out about this issue. However, four other components that need to be replaced (including the EVF and LCD) they are refusing to cover it under warranty, claiming that the warranty was voided due to "corrosion damage" that was seen inside the unit.

Although I explained that nothing has happened with my camera to cause such damage, they have been unwilling to talk with me about this or escalate my call to someone who is willing to explain whether the problems with the grip and casing may have caused this premature corrosion. I spent the majority of the summer in a beach town, where it does get into the 90s regularly and clearly there is moisture in the air. However, the camera has been carefully protected, not gotten wet and there is no reason the camera should have internal corrosion damage within six months. My Nikon D90 lasted three summers in the same conditions with no problems.

They are trying to charge $395 for the repairs, but are unwilling to guarantee that work or replace the camera under warranty. They have indicated that once corrosion is present in the camera it is likely to spread, and my concern is that I am going to throw money at this problem just to have it happen again if the Sony Nex 7 just isn't suited for the environment where I live.

I am also disappointed by Sony's response so far to my questions and concerns about this grip and casing "bulletin" and refusal to provide me with further information about this. They have provided no information to owners of the camera about this problem or the need to return the camera for repair, and I think it is a fair question to ask whether these problems may have allowed moisture in the air to get into the camera and cause this premature corrosion within six months. In response to my request for a copy of this "bulletin", I was told that I could find it on their website, but they are unwilling to email me a link and I have been unable to find it on (it is a big site).

At this point, they are sticking by their position that the damage is my fault for using the camera on a daily basis in a beach town and indicate that I am responsible for the repair costs. They have offered to reduce the $395 repair charges by $150 since it is only six months old. However, I think they should at a minimum repair the camera for free, and if they were really standing by their product they would replace it with a new unit that has no increased risk of return corrosion in the future.

At the end of the day, I want my camera back and will probably pay the ransom of $250 and keep my fingers crossed, but this is really disappointing. After purchasing a Sony Nex 5 as a "second" camera shortly after it was released, I have a been a vocal supporter of the Nex system and quickly purchased a Nex 7 to completely replace my Nikon DSLR system after it was in stock. I have been investing in Sony E-Mount lenses and really do like the Nex 7. However, it is very disappointing that they (a) will not stand behind their product six months later and (b) have refused to provide me with information about this grip/casing "bulletin" and explore whether that may have caused this corrosion damage.

Thanks for sticking with me during this vent.

Nikon D90 Sony Alpha NEX-7
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