Some X-S1 shots

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Re: Some X-S1 shots

Larry Winters wrote:


Not to burst your bubble but looking at your pics you do NOT have a X-S1 with the new sensor/lens. The Orbs are hole punches and the purple flair is pronounced. Neither is true with the corrected units. Plus according to Fuji USA the new ones won't hit the USA stores until the end of this month.

John, sorry you did not receive what you thought... and are having the common issues of the old sensor. if you decide to keep the cam...Call Fuji support USA 1-800-800-3854 option #2 (camera repair) ask for Steve who is taking care of the X series. He will email you the form to fill out when you ship.

But even if you wait till after the end of this month there is still the chance of receiving the older one from inventory still on the shelf. There may be no guarantee unless Fuji is either going to recall inventory, or specifically label the new boxes or hopefully release the serial #'s with the new sensor for others who want to wait it out. I asked Fuji USA today this question and they had did not know what the process would be at this time....frustrating!?

I am sending mine in this week for the replacement sensor. I spoke with Steve @ Fuji USA in New Jersey who has been very nice to deal with. I was told today that not only the sensor but the lens will also be replaced. He reaffirmed both are being replaced.

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