Horseman VCC Pro or Novoflex Balpro TS?

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Re: M line two won't do...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

leberyo wrote:

Arca-Swiss has the M Line Dslr2 which comes in at a lower price range than the F-Metric and has more geared movements than the F-Metric and can also tilt and shift at the same time.
So what's the difference between the F-Metric and DSLR2?

I found out.

I was curious how they could make an M line "monolith" at F-metric prices. It turns out that they can't. They took one M standard, and used its pieces to make two standards, the rise and shift on the rear, the tilt and swing on the front, exacrly where you don't want them.

They made an M line "technical camera".

A real (and pricey, about $9,000) M is a full view camera with 10 movements, 5 at each standard (tilt, swing, rise/fall, shift, and focus).

The M two gives up half of that.

I'll go back to my recommendation of an F-Metric. It's a real view camera, 10 movements, or more. You can get a rear "film holder" for an F-Metric that does just what the one on the M two does, puts a DSLR with its sensor on the tilt/swing axis. I can't remember if Arca sells one themselves, or you have to go third party, but I've seen them.

Or look at that Horseman LD. It's a side arm rig, not as convenient as the F-Metric, but you don't give up any movements, and it is just $2,400.

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The DSLR2 is correctly designed for what it is. To begin with Digital requires at least 4 times more precision than film ever did as film was thousandths thick verses
1 micron on a digital capture device.

People in a studio working on objects they do not wish to change the shape of or distort, will not be using rear tilt. Landscape photographers often use the rear tilt because it can cause a foreground object to sort of loom or enlarge in this area to create the near far illusion of depth of field. But this changes its shape extent, and so this doesn't work for regular shaped objects we expect to look a certain way.

Retaining the image plane and then being able to adjust the focus, using tilt and swing, is what this camera is about. Also maintaining the perspective by not moving the lens or front, with rise and fall/shift, on the front of the camera is another feature. The camera has rear fall, which creates front rise. The MicroOrbix gearedtilt makes focus a much more accurate and faster task, as it rotates about the nodal point of the lens.

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