overwhelmed about a new purchase

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overwhelmed about a new purchase

First, thanks in advance to anyone that replies to this or offers advice. I need it.

I have owned various point & shoot cameras for about 8 years. Four years ago, my first and only child was born and I wanted to get a dslr. For financial reasons, I could not. I am tired of losing photo chances with my point and shoot (HX9V) and want photos that are more sharp.

I would say photos are top priority and good casual videos are important (love the videos from my sony HX9V). I take mostly family vacation and holiday photos and video. Some inside, some outside. Daughters soccer games, at the pool, at the playground. Holiday get togethers, trips to different cities, the zoo, etc. I would eventually like to take some nice landscape photos and other things as I hopefully grow as a casual photographer. I would like to make large prints of some of my family photos. Mostly though, I love to look at super sharp photos on my monitor.

I think I can finally scrape up some money to get a camera, but have no idea what to get. I was thinking a t3i or the newer t4i or perhaps the pentax k-30. I have spent years looking at reviews and looking at 100% crops of all these cameras.

More recently I have read blogs about professional photographers selling their dslr equipment for the olympus om-d. I didnt consider micro four thirds an option until recently, but obviously they are good enough for me and more portable. I am not looking for super compact and would rather have something comfortable in my hands. I know I will have to invest in lenses, but that will be a slow process as I am unable to put lots of money into photography on a yearly basis. So this is a one time deal... followed by a 500ish budget for another lens two years down the road.

Whichever camera I buy, it will be the camera I have and use for the next 5-10 years. So I am not looking to buy inexpensive and upgrade.

My budget should be about 800, but I am going to try to free up about 1300 or maybe even 1500 so I can get good camera, with hopefully a nice zoom to cover casual shooting and one prime to play around with.

I am intrigued by the upcoming GH3 also, but dont know if that will be in my price range. I have a month or two to figure out my purchase (cause I need to get it right the first time).

So, with my budget, what would you recommend? Camera and lens(es)?

Which system of cameras have lenses that I could get good quality for reasonable prices?

Can I put lenses from canon full frame on a micro four thirds? Is that cost effective and does it yield quality results?

I am not set on anything and welcome all advice.

Thanks for taking the time to help.


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