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Re: The Joy of B&W

Rattymouse, you are always provocative & interesting.

With your recent foray into B&W film you raise issues of image quality & remind me of just how good B&W was.

With the change of imaging technology from film & print to digital camera & digital display, final display image quality is often ignored.

I grew up with B&W film with wet process developing & printing, moved through E6 transparency film shooting & processing with projected images, to digital cameras, and most recently to high quality LCD displays.

Beautifully graded exhibition quality B&W prints are the product of a multi stage process - fine grained films, excellent lenses, lens filters for precise contrast control, careful film processing, and high quality enlarger lenses printing onto specialised papers by skilled professional printers.

The convenience & immediacy of the digital camera killed this industry, and image quality was collateral damage.
Now digital imaging is maturing, we have the tools to regain this quality.

We now display & share images on LCD screens, rarely do we print, so there is little point in taking on a complex process unless the result is markedly better - the taking should be tailored to suit the final display medium.

The X10 has 3 filter settings available for B&W which can dramatically improve contrast & colour rendition in B&W, restoring much of the drama of B&W.

So, Rattymouse, thank you for raising an issue dear to my heart – enjoy your B&W film journey.

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