Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

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Re: a different scenario

Peter Berressem wrote:

RayR wrote:

I didn't see the relevance of him saying you've used it for 2 years therefore you should be happy to pay £40 per head to be able to then spend £300 on a new battery and a charger.

Can you imagine a different scenario, just for thoughts?

How if Elinchrom introduced the new Quadra model (with lithium battery) and some clever minded found a hack that makes the lead-battery predecessor work with the lithium batteries from the latest model?

And as forum voices got louder and louder Elinchrom, following user demands, made the "hack" accessible to all existing clients for a service fee of £40 p.head... wouldn't you applaude the company respecting users will?

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cheers, Peter

I'd expect the manufacturer to have designed a product that works on a particular voltage without it worrying where the power was coming from. I'd expect the control unit to have extra circuitry in it to do any smoothing of the power thus ensuring the heads aren't affected. Much in the same way as Canon and other manufacturer's cameras don't need modifying if you switch from Li-on to lead acid AAs. If that means the battery grip which gives you the ability to use AA batteries has extra circuitry in it then that works for me.

You can drive a portable TV off a lead acid battery or the mains. Does it need modifying to work with extra power source? No

You can drive a radio off lead acid battery or mains. Does it need modifying to work with each power source? No

Has Elinchrom being working on the "backward compatible" battery for 2 years? Yes

Did they come up with a solution that really is 100% backward compatible? No

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