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Re: Oly 17 Wide Open

Thanks for looking!

Yeah, I'm on the fence and waiting to see what Oly does for a 25... then it's the hard choice between the Sigma 30 or P/L 25... the P/L being a lot expensive for a lens I plan on shooting stopped down 95% of the time.

Fingers crossed for the Oly!

azazel1024 wrote:

Nice. I really like my Oly 17 as well.

Also, it isn't a pancake 25/2 that is rumored (unless the rumors have changed recently). It is a small 25/1.8 that is rumored. It is not a pancake lens design, but one smaller than the 12 and 45mm lenses.

There is a patent for a collapsable 25mm f/2.8 macro lens that Olympus was granted a few weeks ago that would be pancake sized when collapsed and Olympus does make a Zuiko 25mm f/2.8 pancake lens for 4/3 cameras.

That said, all the rumors I have seen have been toward a 25mm f/1.8 (small) and "cheap" lens (something in the $199-299 price range). I'll be on the first pre-order list if it comes to pass.

Till then I'll enjoy my 17 and 45 (and Panny 14 and Sigma 30) and just hope for that 25. However, if Olympus doesn't deliver for me at Photokina on that rumor, the 30 is going and the PL25/1.4 will be added to my kit (I really just need something faster and a touch wider than the 30/2.8).

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