Why one can take a lesson from BOSE.

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Re: Why one can take a lesson from BOSE.

Moving onto the original topic....

I think the guys who get this right are the successful wedding photogs, product photogs and portrait photogs. They sell the client what they want to see, hear , believe is in their best interest. Take a glamour model photog. If he can sell the idea that his business is about making you "the model" the most stunning thing and the thing that other will want to have / imitate or you the "fashion designer" the be all and end all of "trendy" then you have hit your niche.

If you can sell beauty, happiness, pleasure, creativity etc. through your photos then you have it. That's why I think it's so important to maintain true to your creative vision and stick with your style. People don't want to buy a photo, they want to buy happiness, admiration, style etc. If you can sell and market that then you have it!

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