Why one can take a lesson from BOSE.

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Re: Why one can take a lesson from BOSE.

Biggs23 wrote:

Phileas Fogg wrote:

Actually I think most would NOT buy a P.C. after having a comparison to a MAC. Apple is a marketing master too but they work on bringing quality to match. You are free to disagree though

Again you prove your original point: marketing matters. It's clear you've bought the story. They've sold you. They have advertised and marketed their way right into your heart and head. Virtually no one that compares a $3000 Mac to a $3000 PC is going to choose the Mac. Why? Because the $3000 PC will run circles around the Mac and will have a host of features and qualities that the Mac won't. The PC will be objectively better. So why do so many people buy the Mac anyway and why will they defend the purchase afterwards even though they didn't get a good value for their dollars? That's the important question! The answer is, of course, the marketing genius behind the decision. They've crafted the story we've been talking about.

The irony is that you are creating the proof you need to show that your original argument is so incredibly dead on. So dead on, in fact, that you are completely unable to recognize it in your own life. The marketing of Apple is so complete in your life that you've argued their marketing to me with every post! Amazingly good marketing; we could all learn a bucketload from them.

I would disagree here when the $3000 PC crashes (as my $2000 laptop today did) loosing me two hours work because the graphics driver brought the system down completely. And yes the files were backed up but I couldn't get to them without getting the graphics driver unistalled and re-installed and then having to wait 30mins for a Windows update. That two hours was worth $500 to me in billable time. I took the work home to finish it on the mac, no problems.

There comes a time when the marketing argument falls by the wayside and the reliability and profitability argument comes into play. The extra money spent of my Mac (which is the same speed and spec as my PC laptop, only with a slightly smaller HD) is worth so much more in terms of uptime and less stress. Sorry, but if I can put a price to it then I'll buy the marketing any day.

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