RX100 far field decentering at longer focal lengths?

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Re: Standardized Test

ZoranC wrote:

453C wrote:

If anyone else would like to add suggestions for creating a stardardized test, please join in. For instance, someone with an RX100 would be in a better position to determine what distances, apertures, and focal lengths would best expose this issue.

Once again you are not paying attention and showing severely poor comprehension, knowledge, and logic / common sense. It has been already said hundred of times lens misalignment problems are most easy to spot on at longest focal length wide open on "infinity" objects. One doesn't even need to own certain camera to know that, it's common knowledge for any lens out there in the world. Yet you are saying we need to determine "what distances, apertures, and focal lengths would best expose this issue" and suggest owners are in better position to determine that.

sigh This is more of a solid proof why there is a village somewhere missing you and why you have earned your PostIt.

Zoran, what part of Standardized Test don't you understand? If everyone uses the same procedure for the test (subject matter, distance to subject matter, focal length, aperture, camera settings, support, remote release, etc.) then it would be much easier to identify a trend.

For those that own the camera, it might also help reveal how best to shoot around the problem, much like what I described with the E-PL2.

Best way to shoot around the problem is to eliminate the problem by getting camera that is not misaligned D'oh.

Is that all there is to it? I didn't realize there were "misaligned lens" and "aligned lens" options for the RX100 at B&H. All of the people going through multiple returns must be morons, just like me.

I've got better things to do than play with you any more today. You'll have to revel in your miserable existence without me.

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