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Re: Bruges

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Bobusa wrote:

Looks like you got some great kids there. Thanks for sharing! Maybe I can time-laps some gear or cars, no kids though.

Any new projects coming up? I'm going to Bruges (Belgium) on Friday for a well-deserved short break until Tuesday. Any ideas for best places/hours/gear? Thanks!

I don't know about any gear shops in Bruges.
As for which gear to bring : just what you are comfortable with.

Bruges is a medieval town (spoiled partly by modern stuff): you can use wide angle there, but also telephoto in order to isolate details.
Sights to see? It's not that big : you can do everything.

Certainly don't forget the area of the Beguinage and the "Lake of Love" (Minnewater en Begijnhof).
If you are into old masters, there is a great museum (Gruuthuuse).
If you are into beer, there are a few breweries with bar.

Something that looks like a tourist trap but really is worthwhile, is taking a boat ride to look at the sights from another angle.

Thanks for that. Really appreciate the tips. Should be fun next weekend and the weather forecast looks great! One of my goals is to phothograph either early (blue hour) or late (golden hour) for best lighting. I'll try to share some images when I return.
Always learning......

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