Why one can take a lesson from BOSE.

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Re: Why one can take a lesson from BOSE.

Biggs23 wrote:

Jacques_t wrote:

I'm not going to go into PC vs Mac debate but...

but then you did.

Merely my point of view and summary of experience after using computers for 28 years. ... I've worked on Apple II, Amiga, PC (From 286 to the latest Intel boxes), built my own custom PC rigs, Silicon Graphics Workstations, Linux boxes and now I'm back with Apple again. Out of all this experience, my Mac provides the most enjoyable, profitable, low maintenance, least stressful digital workflow. Next in line is SGI and Amiga, but those now belong in a museum! The same cannot be said for my high specced Dell laptop at work running Win 7 Pro...A really painful frustrating experience based mostly on bad software integration (drivers mostly). I honestly feel that if they could sort drivers out on Windows it would be a much better OS. Once again...my experience only.

Others may have the opposite experience to me, and that's great if it works for them and they enjoy working with the gear they have. I don't think this is so much a debate about Mac vs. Pc but a debate about free choice?

It comes down to simplicity and quality for me.

You sure? Everyone believes they are sure that they are choosing their preferences based on quality but the reality is that many/most are just fooled by advertising. How can you differentiate that you've made a choice based on reality versus the 'dream' you've been sold? That's really the entire point of this thread I think.

Yes, very sure. See above. What I have found is the product or the 'dream' sold lives up to expectations. I'm sooo much more comfortable working on a Mac and am also more productive (measured by income and less downtime and less stress) on a Mac than PC. This is a quantifiable element and not based on a warm cosy feeling. Your milage may vary as above.

On to the comment about quality...some people go for value for money, some go for cheap-as-chips, and some choose a style and expect a certain level of quality to come with the price tag. Each to their own I guess...

But how much of that is influenced by advertising? You've highlighted the exact message that Apple sells as what makes you like their products: simplicity and quality. They sell that message hard . Every print ad, every commercial, everything is on point and on message. They've told a story and many have bought into it even though it's not strictly accurate and is objectively not the full picture.

Oh I think this is where marketing / advertising comes into play big time, agreed. But based on my extensive experience with other computer brands, it (Apple) just works. Don't get me wrong, Apple are great at marketing, and their stocks / bank balance shows this well. You do get to a point though where you have to use the tools to find out if the marketing is true, and I've passed that point long ago (8 years ago actually). If the tools don't live up to the brand you as a customer will move on quickly (well, hopefully!) And some people have not had great success with Apple and HAVE moved on. But I moved on from all those other computer brands listed above. If I could I'd use Apple, SGI and then Amiga in order of preference based on my expectations, but sadly SGI and Amiga are no more.

And let me just say that you can replace the word 'Apple' for 'Canon' and 'PC' for 'Sony' etc etc. The same arguments apply.

Let me use cars as an analogy (enough PC talk!) - I really liked the ideas 'sold' by Toyota 8 years ago about the Toyota Yaris diesel hatchback car. It was sold as a fun, reliability and economic small car. I loved the 'dream', bought one and still drive it to this day. It's great to dive, reliable, not one single issue so far and very economic as well. I get 65mpg average and my yearly service cost is £150 (that's about $200) serviced by a Toyota garage. That excludes tyres...Will I buy another one or recommend one, yes! Marketing - Success....Sold the dream - success! Did I pay £1300 more than a comparative other more common brand, yes. Once again, I spent a month researching the various options before I made my choice.

Would I rather buy a Merantz or Pioneer audio system or a separates system based on research for each component...Hmmm, separates for me and I'll happily pay 3-4x the price of the mass consumer brand. For me it wouldn't be BOSE, it would be NAD, Bower & Wilkins and Rega decks. Less known brands but they sure sell the dream well...and the audio quality is just super fine!

Great, so you've been able to distance yourself from the noise (no pun intended) of advertising in the world of audio. Why haven't you been able to do the same in the world of electronics? Why has Apple succeeded when Bose, apparently, has failed in your life? What can we learn from that?

But I have, see above response. I've chosen what works for me best...based on extensive research. And yes, I'm happy to pay the small Apple premium for the products they design. Why don't I like Bose, I prefer the warmer sounds produced by the gear I mentioned... And in all honesty I haven't escaped the dream sold by say NAD, B&W and Rega! I find Bose to be a bit of a 'Porche' in the EU vs. other audio gear...But maybe that is just my perception.

Porche used to be an exclusive luxury sports car brand, the day they made an SUV people carrier they lost that appeal for me...

A good insight. What is the 'SUV' of your photography business?

Don't know tbh, I've not seen anything from Nikon which has made me respect them less as a brand.

This is good topic and I think one that challenges peoples pre-conceived ideas of quality and brand importance. Good reading!

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