What are my rights? (United Kingdom)

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Re: What are my rights? (United Kingdom)

ClingingToLife wrote:

Just common sense dictates if the permission is written on paper or in an email I believe you are protected but if it is only verbal you are on shakey ground. You have to weight out is this even worth fighting over.. If it ends up in court it could be a hassle you may not want but if the permission is written I would remind this person of this. Their changing their mind is their problem.. The written permission will stand.

No written permission, but then we're talking about snaps I took while we (me and my partner, she and her partner) were at a beach, some in her house and mine, some from a visit to a safari park, pretty much run-of-the-mill reminders of the day, nothing compromising in any way shape or form, personally or professionally.

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