Why one can take a lesson from BOSE.

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Re: Why one can take a lesson from BOSE.

Good points about selling the dream and not the product. I'm not going to go into PC vs Mac debate but I use a new PC laptop at work and a Mac at home. I infinitely prefer the Mac and OS X to the PC laptop with all it's hyped specs. Sames goes for mobile phone...Blackberry at work and soon to have iPhone at home...I detest the BB and love the iPhone...It comes down to simplicity and quality for me.

On to the comment about quality...some people go for value for money, some go for cheap-as-chips, and some choose a style and expect a certain level of quality to come with the price tag. Each to their own I guess...

Would I rather buy a Merantz or Pioneer audio system or a separates system based on research for each component...Hmmm, separates for me and I'll happily pay 3-4x the price of the mass consumer brand. For me it wouldn't be BOSE, it would be NAD, Bower & Wilkins and Rega decks. Less known brands but they sure sell the dream well...and the audio quality is just super fine!

Porche used to be an exclusive luxury sports car brand, the day they made an SUV people carrier they lost that appeal for me...

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