soft proof vs preview before printing

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pls compare these 2 looks of the same image

1) I have changed the color space to adobe grb and my image is also adobe rgb.

2) now my Proof Setup in the Print panel is matching the Custom Proof I have selected.
But nothing changed, still the same problem.

pls look at the below images:

1st one is the original form of the image as I open it from photoshop and soft proof..

and the 2nd one is the print preview form of the same image.
pls look how different/ bad are the colors.
It is like there is no saturation at all.

and when I print it , the output colors are just like print preview look (not the soft proofed look,I dont know why)

I really cant get how it could happen.

It not only happens for just this redriver company profile but for all the existing profiles which came with my canon printer with only just one exception:
named: canon ij printer profile 2005..
all the rest are awful.

Is there a logic explanation for this or whatever the thing I am doing wrong.

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