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I would wait a month or so until Windows 8 is released. There will be lots of new devices launched with Windows 8. See the IFA 2012 news coverage to get a taste.

Actually, all the more reason to buy now. If you buy now, you can upgrade from W7 to W8 cheaply if you want. If you wait and buy a system with W8 already installed, you're pretty much stuck with it. If you don't like it, you can't downgrade to W7, unless you have W8 Pro.

Ironically, MS's pricing model discourages people from buying a PC with W8 installed. Why? The upgrade cost to W8 Pro for existing W7 users will be $39.99. Thus, you could buy a system now with W7, pay the $39.99 upgrade fee when W8 Pro comes out, then go back to W7 if you don't like it. You're only out $39.99 if you don't like W8. If you want the same ability to go back to W7 for systems purchased after October 26th (W8 release date), then you must have W8 Pro already installed. If you have another version of W8, you can't go back to W7. MS has announced a $69.99 premium for W8 Pro for systems with W8 already installed. Thus the cost to go back to W7 would be $69.99 vs $39.99.

I say buy now, and upgrade later if you want, especially since it will be relatively cheap to upgrade later, and there is a great deal of uncertainty about W8, especially for non touch devices.

If you read my post slowly you will see that I suggested waiting for new hardware and not just the OS. Windows 8 may not be a great choice for existing hardware but I think it will be great on the new hybrid devices.

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