Fuji X-E1 Autofocus in 0.1s!

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Re: Fuji X-E1 Autofocus in 0.1s!

Couldn't agree more. I'd rather have a more confident focus acquisition (and in low light) than faster AF. The 18 is perfectly fast. The 35 could be faster but is just fine. 60 is (predictably) slow. I suspect the zooms will have the linear motors and thus be quite fast. I'm skeptical that 'all' the rest of the lenses will have them (specifically, linear), but I also think they will have faster motors in general (or will be faster, regardless of motor choice). As well, I"m sure as the XPro1 gets updated, it will incrementally become faster, as there's nothing Fuji's done so far to suggest it won't.

nawknai wrote:

Oh, I don't care at all. I'm a believer that the X100 and X-Pro 1 were always intended more for "slow" photography. People should choose the right tool for the job, as the tool you use shouldn't get in the way of you and the actual taking of photos. Well, apparently, not everyone feels the same, and want to shoehorn the Fuji into all sorts of shooting scenarios, and that means fast photography is in demand.

Personally, I don't care about fast AF. I want less AF hunting, but find the actual speed to be good in scenarios where the camera will be able to focus.

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