Is this the one?

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Thanks for your opportune observation , jkjond!

jkjond wrote:

The quality of all those doesn't look bad to me - other than the moon shot. That > one has some odd exif, 3200iso, 1000sec, f5.6. The aperture looks like a good > choice, but you could have lowered the iso and got the shutter speed down to 100th > so long as you could find a suitable post or rock to help keep everything steady, or > rely on VR. It has also been processed more heavily than the others.

Thanks for your comments, jkjond

You are right about the moon shot; the 3200iso/1000sec is the reason for the high noise level, I shot several at different settings and probably I should start shooting manual because honestly I don’t recall choosing those odd settings.

I have my D7K to always auto-ISO and set minimum shutter speed to 1/60 and MAX iso 3200, then I choose Aperture or Speed and sometimes I don’t have the time to override what the camera does. The moon shot is an example, I had just few minutes to catch the moon rising and I started shooting fast and shifting settings. Here is another shot, this at f5.6-1/80sec and ISO-1600 with no other PP than Topaz Denoise).

After your opportune observation there is one question left for me to decide:

What would be the IQ improvement if shooting exactly the same moon but using the 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II? It is very important to take into consideration not only the obvious advantage of the f/2.8 but also the disadvantage to have 200mm instead of the 300mm I have now.



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