7D Mark II rumour

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Re: Doesn't necessarily mean a D400 appears...

If it's more like the D7000 - I'll most likely move to (Nikon) FX however, I don't need/want 36MP and the rumored D600 seems to be more or less an FX sensor in a D7000 body. I'd have to really struggle to fund a D4.

If it's more like a D300 - I'll buy it.

I have enough glass to make the switch to FX but would prefer to stay with DX as I'm better equipped to stay there and from a cost standpoint I'd assume that staying with (Nikon) would be cheaper than selling off all my Nikon gear and switching over to Canon.

We'll see what Nikon delivers. From what it sounds like, we'll be seeing a D600 soon and if no replacement for the D300 by the spring of 2013 - then I'll have to assess my options then.

Personally, I was hoping to have heard something about a D300 successor by now.

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