5D Mark III Images Corrupted? Weird Colors

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Re: 5D Mark III Images Corrupted? Weird Colors

I know this is an old thread but I thought I would add my examples and resolution. The three examples above were 3 out of 11 images that showed corrupted images. I was shooting RAW on CF and JPG on SD. All of the verticle showed the same pattern with a visible image in the upper left and then the rest (sort of like a burnt negative). JPGs looked fine but RAW showed the above images after I transfered them to the computer.

After posting on dpreview ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1032&message=42387032 ), canonrumors ( http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=9089.0 ) and sending a note to lenrental (I rented a second body - but the problems came from mine) I got back 2 ideas that sounded reasonable. One suggestion was a bad card reader. They suggested I put the card back in the camera and see what the image looked like. it was 100% good. I do see that is not the case here .. but read on. I then put the CF card into another reader and copied the 11 files. They turned out to be 100% good. I used Adobe Camera Raw to process them. I did notice that as ACR read the [good] and began to render them they took on a look of the bad files. My takeaway - the bad files were created by a bad card reader. That said - that same card reader transferred 1,100 RAW and 1,100 JPGs without an error.

The response from LensRental speculates on the problem and might in fact be the cause. Here it is:

I'm speculating a bit, so don't take this as gospel. But we do see this kind of thing every so often. I call it read-write scramble rather than read-write failure because the card did get data written in the abnormal areas, just bad data. With corrupt cards it tends to be a total failure, the bad area is completely black.

As to causes, from what I understand with SD cards it can happen if the system is getting overloaded with rapid fire raw files, but it's unusual. It can als be an early symptom that the read-write circuit is starting to fail -- sometimes a capacitor or transistor works fine but when hot (lots of pictures over time or camera on a long time) starts to leak and sends out abnormal signals. If that's the case it usually gets worse over time.

It can also just be external interference: a strong radio, electronic, or magnetic signal interfering with the camera's electronics. I've seen someone whose entire shoot turned out like that because he'd set up very near a large power transformer, and we saw it a lot back when the Pocket Wizard TT system came out and the radio signal in them interfered with some Canon cameras.

So in my case I think it was the card reader that I used to transfer the files but maybe the above gives you [all] some insight into your issue.


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