Canon Lens Front/Back Focusing Calibration.

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Re: Canon Lens Front/Back Focusing Calibration.

True, but all my prints from my Canon A1 and FD glass sure looked in focus, and besides an enlarger or slide projector, I couldn't really pixel peep, I guess that would be grain peep. And I was using digital focus 5.0 back then... I think maybe the more you know the more there is to be miserable about...

exifnotfound wrote:

Ta for the replies, it sounds about the same as FX glass.

Often the back/front focusing won't show up or at least be obvious in real world photos. It takes a heavily cropped test image.

Because of this, some may never see it & therefore claim that all their glass was perfect out of the box, or if they did see it they may not care as it's not noticeable in a real photo.

After paying a few $k on a lens though, I'm pretty fussy & so definitely look/test for it.

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