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Re: Skin tone must be a whole artistic + technical subdiscipline in itself

D Cox wrote:

I don't think we will ever get reliably good skin tones so long as we are using only three primary colours. The colour mixtures are too unstable and metamerism is inevitable.

I was at Brighton Pride over the weekend. The day was heavily overcast, so I had to shoot at ISO 200 to avoid excessive camera shake. This has caused tremendous trouble with skin tones - there's a strong tendency for yellow or green casts, particularly in the corners of images. On many pictures I've struggled to get a natural looking result and some were simply unusable on that basis.

For reliably good skin tones you're pretty much limited to ISO 100 IMHO.

(P.S. my first camera showed heavy banding, so I got it replaced; I find the new one much better in that regard. Both had the same serious problems with skin tones at anything other than ISO 100 in good light).

The curious thing was the odd image at ISO 400 or even one at ISO 800 which outperformed my expectations; you start to get the hang of cheating your way out of Foveon IQ defects in SPP after a while! But it took a very long time to process the image set - 200-odd images took around 5 hours to go through. I hope to upload a gallery here at full image size soon-ish so people can have a look.

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