Manual mode vs apeture or shutter prority

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Re: Help me understand

fotowbert wrote:

You said twice in this thread that Terry Geig's statement is incorrect.

While explaining why it is incorrect you have only given a detailed description of the mechanics of A and M modes which agree with his description of A mode, you set f stop and camera sets shutter speed. Twice you say it is incorrect without making your case as to why it is incorrect.

You added in your reply to me The camera isn't "thinking" about what shutter speed you need . Is your problem with the " it thinks you need " part of his statement?

What's wrong with expecting exposure assistance from your camera's metering system when it sets a shutter speed consistent with the aperture you have specified in A mode?

Is there some deeper philosophical issue involved here separate from the mechanics you have explained and I believe we agree upon?

I am confused by your continued instance the statement is wrong.

Help me understand. John

Graystar wrote:

fotowbert wrote:

Terry Geig wrote:

If you use aperature priority, you choose the aperature and the camera chooses what shutter speed it thinks you need . Is this not correct???????!!!

Your question "Is this not correct?" is ambiguous due to the inclusion of the word " not ".

Had you asked if your statement was correct the answer would be yes, it is correct. John

No, it would still be incorrect. The camera isn't "thinking" about what shutter speed you need . You're getting the same exposure that you get from the center position in manual mode. The same aperture in both manual and aperture priority, will require the same shutter speed for standard exposure. With aperture priority, that shutter speed is set for you. In manual, it's the shutter speed you get when you adjust shutter to center the meter indicator.

If you want the indicator off-center by +2/3 stop, that's fine. You'll get a different shutter speed in manual mode, and in aperture priority you'd apply +0.7 EC, and again, have the same shutter speed as manual mode. You have the same, complete control over exposure in A, S, and P modes as you do in manual mode.


Terry, judging by his choice of language and emphatic punctuation, seems to be driving home a point. He's shown us his trump card. Okay, he's right . The camera does "choose the shutter speed it thinks you need". But the fact he thinks he's finally got us means that much of the discussion has gone way over his head.

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