D200 prices after D400 arrival

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Re: D200 prices after D400 arrival

hazlhof wrote:

I want to know if D200 prices will go down after D400 arrives, or it won't affect at all. Of course, D300 prices will surely go down, that's a fact.

Both prices for the cameras above are already pretty low compared to what they cost as new...

Used D200's on ebay are fetching ~$200-$300 (if someone is lucky to find a buyer)
A used D300 (on ebay) goes for ~$600 - $700

...Generally speaking the cost of any "item" that is replaced by a newer version usually goes down - especially if used. Of course antiques might be able to fetch more years after their era passes but in the age of digital cameras - their eras seem to pass every other year or so.

Even if the D400 never appears - most likely the used prices of the D200/D300 will continue to decline - as newer technology appears in other cameras.

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