D7000 or 4/3rds

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toomanycanons wrote:

I don't know how you could give up the viewfinder.

It's about time somebody mentioned this.

This is also my "problem" with a 4/3 camera. I understand they're very nice, deliver quality photos that often rival dSLRs, are light and can be carried for hours. The viewfinder and lenses, though, are key to me.

Why? I'm in college. I can barely afford glass that costs even a couple hundred dollars. What option do I have then? I CAN afford (and 80% of my gear consists of) manual focus glass from the late 70s through mid 80s that produces incredible images and costs a quarter or less of what even the cheapest kit lens (14-42, which MSRPs for around $300, although $225 used is common) costs. I'm serious. My walkaround lens on my D3100 is an excellent 35-135mm lens that cost me $25 in perfect mint condition from KEH. That's less than a tenth of the cost of the kit lens for the Oly. There are so many options and varieties with vintage gear that still works great on new digital gear, I could never justify switching.

(Just as a sidenote, using manual focus gear is incredibly easy for me, as I have a split-image viewfinder installed in my D3100, and after using manual lenses so long, I can almost always meter the light in my head within a fraction of the desired EV without depending on a light meter or automatic settings.)

I'm not sure I follow you. You have tons of options for alt lenses on m4/3s and you can get the 14-42 kit lens for less than $100 without breaking a sweat - probably closer to $50 if you make a little effort. True, you aren't going to get an Olympus OMD for the price of the D3100 but then again the OMD is much more feature rich and advanced. If your budget is that limited, you require a viewfinder and are willing to sacrifice other features and functions to get it then the D3100 is probably a good fit and the best bang for the buck (although you could certainly build a low cost m4/3 kit with EVF and alt lenses). The latest m4/3 cameras and lenses are really capable and have many features that you don't get on a D3100, D5100, or even D7000 but they aren't cheap. Your setup may work for you and I'm not suggesting that m4/3s is a better alternative, however, you can get into m4/3 with MF glass and a small budget.

You can use manual focus glass on a 4/3, but focusing would pain in the rear. Unless they have a split prism type thing in a 4/3 camera O_o

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