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Back to Fujifilm X10? Advice sought

Dear all,

I had an X10 which got stolen. i bought it as a first serious digital camera when still using a film SLR, but have now switched to a Nikon D700. As a result, the Olympus XZ-1 I got when the X10 went is getting little use. I also find myself missing the manual zoom on the X10 (and getting irritated by the control ring on the XZ-1 changing apertures the "wrong" way round). I found the X10 too large to use as a really pocket camera, but am not sure that I would really use such a thing anyway. I am going to France for a day later this month and wondering whether the X10 would make a better companion than the D700 with a walk-around zoom. Choices, choices!

Anyway, advice sought on these points, please.

1) The DPR comparison shots of the still life show the XZ-1 to have great resolution of detail and the X10 to come off second best. Look at the hatch lines on the drawn face of the Grecian male. (Interestingly, I just noticed that the XZ-1 has some colour banding in the geometrics just to the left of the face, which the X10 does not.) What causes this?

2) Also, the playing card face is sharper in the Oly shot. Is this a focus issue?

3) The paperclips also show some odd breaking-up on the X10 shot, as if the straight lines had diagonals running through them. (Imaging resource noticed something similar on a label on a bottle in their X10 test.) Is this a result of the non-Bayer sensor? Does it matter?

4) The subject isolation/shallow DOF on the X10 and the XZ-1 are about the same with a slight advantage to the X10. The DPR test of the Sony RX100 has a comparative chart normalising apertures and focal lengths to 35mm and that shows the RX100 to have a larger relative aperture at its 100mm setting than the X10 would at 112mm (equiv). At the same time, the RX100 is not noted for good shallow DOF at the tele end. Can anyone explain that?

5) If I was using the X10 as a street snapping tool, I think that the optical finder would be excellent and make one look much more discreet than holding the camera out in front like anyone else. Has anyone found that the 85% field of view is really problematic in this situation, given that one is trying to capture a moment, rather than frame precisely?

6) I think that I would be using any camera of this sort as just a JPEG shooter, relying on the camera conversion to get things right. Any downsides to this with the X10? There are references to smeary JPEGs with the RX100 and to the Olympus JPEG engine being (one of) the best on the market. Any views on how the X10 compares?

Thanks in advance for help with this decision and apologies for the mix of questions above!


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