Ultimatum to Nikon - D400 or not!

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Re: Ultimatum to Nikon - D400 or not!

I have to admit that the wild rumors and speculation tend to wind me up a bit, but that's mainly because this is probably the third or fourth wave of D400 rumors I've seen in the past four years

But posts like the ones in this thread always amuse me slightly - the assumptions that one or two (or even one or two hundred) people stating their displeasure about the need for a D400 will actually cause Nikon to change something. As far as I've been able to see, the margins on the D800 and D4 are CONSIDERABLY better than anything in the DX market - to the point that the steady flow of Canon users switching to a D800 more than makes up for the decline in D300s sales courtesty of the 7D. Not to mention the D7000 taking up some of the slack.

In short, I can't help but feel that Nikon don't really NEED the Pro DX sector of the market to the point where it's worth rushing to develop a new model. And you can get all upset about manufacturers having an obligation to their consumers all you like, their only obligation is that your camera be fit for the purpose for which you bought it. Like most of us, if not for the money they probably wouldn't be doing it, and as long as enough money is coming from other models then why worry about one of the fastest shrinking levels of the DSLR market?

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