Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

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Re: Odd statement from the owner of Elinchrom

Kevin Hotorton wrote:

RayR wrote:

I asked him if other Elinchrom kit like Ranger 1500 ringflashes would work with the new battery and he said that they probably would (but he couldn't be sure) as they have no modelling lamps. It appears the issue with the first generation heads is related to the modelling lamps, so I asked if I turned the modelling lamps off would they would with the new battery. He said he didn't know.

This highlights what has become very worrying with Elinchrom. They've brought the li-ion battery to the market without knowing if its fully compatible with the Quadra system and accessories. Saying the Ringflash would "probably" work is a ridiculous statement. It should have been tested repeatedly so they know if their are any long term problems.

The same adapter cable for the 1500 ringflash is marketed as allowing the use of the Ranger A and S heads, as these do have modelling lights is there going to be a problem with using those? I would expect a definitive answer from the manufacture but they don't know

When they first released the li-ion's there was no mention of a need for a lamp head upgrade. I wonder if this problem only came to light after purchasers started having problems with the packs switching off. So for £300 you got a battery a charger and membership of the Elinchrom beta testers program.

I have a considerable amount of money invested in Elinchrom equipment but I'm not sure if I will spend anything more now that they have publicly stated they don't really know much about their latest product release but are happy to sell it to us so we can beta test it for them and presumably pay for any repairs it may cause.

I was a little surprised that they hadn't done a compatibility test either, but I guess it might be difficult to test every possible combination of equipment people are driving off the Quadra battery pack.

They seemed quite confident of their stance on the "upgrade" of the heads to make them work with the new battery.

I didn't see the relevance of him saying you've used it for 2 years therefore you should be happy to pay £40 per head to be able to then spend £300 on a new battery and a charger.

I told him for the moment I wasn't going to buy it or invest any further in the Quadra system to which he replied that he respected my option and said "Everybody will make their own decision - we believe that most people will be benefitted by the choice that we have had to make, on behalf of all."

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