CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: Raw mode in 4500, having problems

You need to stop the USB device by clicking on the icon in your systray before you can turn off the camera.

jaime wrote:
Today, I spent a lot of time taking pictures with my 4500 with the
raw mode inabled, after 10 shots, I got an error message, it said
samething like this "cannot read form card", I turned off the
camera and turned on again... I kept taking pictures with no
errors... when I put my CF card to my reader I found out that there
was a lot of folders with strange characters and garbage. I thought
it might be my CF card, so I switched to other card and took more
shots, same error, same folders with garbage.
I turned off the raw mode and the error didn't come up again.
What I have noted is that when I turn on/off raw mode, I cannot
turn off my camera, I have to unplug it and then it switches off, I
have tried in my laptop and I have the same problem.
Any ideas?, somebody having the same problems?

AlexMld wrote:

It has been found out that Nikon has a diagnostic mode called DIAG
RAW in CP2500, CP4300, CP4500 (tested) and possibly E775, E885,
E990, E995, E5000 that allows for RAW file output. This mode can
be turned on
by a diagnostic program such as Opencam or Rawenabler. The
rawenabler is pretty straightforward - you can connect the camera
to the PC via USB, turn it on so it looks as a removable device,
launch a programm - it should identify the camera and then you can
switch raw mode on and off, turn the camera off, disconnect it and
use wherever you please.
You can find it here (along with the sources)
According to the author the program runs under Win 2000 and XP.
In RAW DIAG mode the camera writes two files for each shot - one is
a RAW file (though it has an extension .jpg or .tif) and the second
one is a normal picture. The RAW file is NOT in the .nef format. I
have contacted David Coffin ( http://www2.primushost.com/~dcoffin/ )
and he has added CP4500 RAW file support to his beta version of CRW
He will also include CP4300 and CP2500 RAW file support in his next
version of CRW.
Also the RAW-> nef converter is under development.

Alex Molodozhenov

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