Is OVF obsession hurting your photography?

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Topic totally misses the point

I know that the OVF is a key selling point of the XPro-1 and I love mine.. Having a OVF hybrid was a breakthrough that attracted many, including myself to the system..

However, the real charm point of the XPro-1, X100 and X-10 is that it has that wonderful +- EV comp DIAL in the perfect position.. Yeah, I know on DSLR's you have a thumb wheel there to do similar.. but on all non-DSLR camera's withen reach of my budget ( i.e., NOT Lieca) it's the only one in it's class that offers this wonderful feature with the image IQ I need.

I'm not sure how you shoot but 90+ percent of my shots are taken with some sort of EV comp dialed in.. I guess I just have a natural aversion to 18% grey.. don't know..

Anyway, the topic of your post seems a bit "trollish" and I suspect this is why you have a number of heated replies..

For me, it's not about the viewfinder, it's about having the controls that matter to real photography (Aperture, Shutter Speed and EV Comp) at my immediate tactile (not thru a menu) control that makes this discussion moot.

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