Manual mode vs apeture or shutter prority

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Re: Help me understand

The camera doesn't "think". I think this is our objection. The camera isn't thinking about what I need . I might decide I want an aperture of f/11 and I want my ISO to stay at 100. The camera will "decide" I "need" a shutter speed of 1/8 of a second. If that's not fast enough, it's my fault. I should know before I even look at the camera that I can't have f/11 at base ISO in the current conditions. If the camera's "saying" anything, it's telling me to get real.

There is nothing wrong with using the camera's metering. How we got here is with the premise that using Manual mode is better.

Don't personify the camera. It's a machine. It doesn't know what you need. It just meters the light. You're the one making all the decisions.

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