DAM thousands and thousands of photos in Aperture

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Re: DAM thousands and thousands of photos in Aperture

Just adding mine here too, albeit a bit late.

I'm running Aperture 3.3 on a Late 2009 MacMini, and have no trouble at all as far as performance goes. Most things operate fairly quickly, some are a bit slower, but that's mostly down to disk access speeds. I do have 8GB in this, which probably makes the most difference. Adjustments etc. are all pretty responsive.

Apart from what the others have said, turning off Faces (I found it got more useless the more faces were added anyway), setting previews to screen size etc. I find mine works better off an external FW800 drive dedicated to the Aperture library (it benchmarks faster than the internal drive). It does help a little to use iDefrag on this periodically (I only use the Quick (Live) defrag), as it can get a bit messy after a few imports.

It can also help to be patient after a fresh import, do the import then go off and get a cuppa while it does the initial 'Processing'. Then you'll find it works faster.

Also have a look at Time Machine, if that's running during editing it can sometimes slow the system down a bit. And check for any other third party stuff that could be running, such as AV software, or anything that might kick in a process in the background (Drive Genius, TechTool, DropBox, IRC, anything like that), and close Safari or Firefox, they'll eat RAM while they're just sitting there.

Apart from that, I tried the demo of LR4, but found it slower than Aperture if anything.

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