Canon 1Ds mkIII and the Dolomites in June 2012

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Mikael Risedal
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Re: Canon 1Ds mkIII and the Dolomites in June 2012

How about a Iphone 4s picture

rwbaron wrote:

Let's see some your work Mikael. You shoot your mouth off ad nauseam about the D800 on this forum but I can't remember ever seeing you post any work of significance. I'd love to see your landscape work.


Mikael Risedal wrote:
With a camera with a greater DR you can do even more
Not so found of the green/cyan hue in the grass and overall yellow hue
but as you pointed out ,the taste is like the butt

Hans Kruse wrote:

Usually I share some pictures from the wonderful Dolomites whenever I have been there. I was there again on a workshop in June. It was wonderful weather and light. As usual the pictures are shot with my trusty now 4.5 years old 1Ds mkIII. I post processed all shown images from a single RAW file in Lightroom 4.1. I always (now) bracket my shots since LR 4.1 has the new automatic highlight recovery which means that the optimum exposure to get the maximum DR cannot be seen on the histogram on the LCD (as it also couldn't btw. for LR 3 reliably). There has been a lot of debate about DR and clearly the Canon sensors have been out tech'ed in recent years, however I find that even rather challenging lighting conditions can be handled nicely with the 1Ds mkIII regarding DR given the exposure technique described.

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