Eye-Fi SD cards and Nikon DSLR

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Re: Eye-Fi SD cards and Nikon DSLR


I have the D800 and the Eyefi 8Gb SD card. Works fine. The card is indeed the hotspot and the iPad receives the photo's no problems. Setup did not prove too challenging.

I have the D4 and WT5 also, so I can compare the two...

What you should know is
1. The transfer is not fast. The D4 and WT5 are a lot faster

2. The iPad needs to be really close to the camera for this to work. The closer the better. Anything over 4 or 5 meters and it simply won't work

3. It sends ALL the images, including the duds. The D4/WT5 combo allow me to select what images I want my client to see on my iPad; but the D800/Eyefi card shows everything. Given that the image transfer is time-consuming I'd rather not waste time on inferior photo's.

But don't let this comparison stop you: the combination of the D800 and Eyefi card works just fine.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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