Epson Pro 3800 problem, not clogged but not printing

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Epson Pro 3800 problem, not clogged but not printing

Hi there,
I already did a search but didn´t find what I´m looking for:

My 4 1/2 year old 3800 never had a problem to date, a second cleaning was always enough, even when I didn´t use it for lets say 3 month. It was always on.

Recently I had to move the machine to another place, switched off and had it for a week in the new place. Now I tried to use it again and the printer does everything without any error on the display but printing. The head is moving, but there is not a single ink drop on the paper, even not from the nozzle check started from the display, simply plain white paper.

I did several cleanings, even the initial charging with a tool but no success. A new waste tank got heavily filled with ink in the initial charging procedure, so the head can´t be clogged since there is no other way for ink to get in that tank. I reset several counters with a software tool but still no success.

Does anyone have any experiences with something like this? Is it the mainboard? Is it the demuxer in the printhead? i don´t think it´s the power supply board, cause that should be displayed. I already checked the two fuses on the MB but they are ok as the diodes I was able to check. Unluckily I didn´t find a complete circuit drawing.

I could buy a new mainboard for about 230€, but I don´t have the needed nvram.exe backup tool for copying the dedicated values. In the end it´s something else... I already flushed about 100€ for the new initial charge and a new waste tank :-(.
Epson told me it could cost easily more than 500€ to fix the printer.

1200€ for a 4 1/2 years and under 700 pages old printer is MUCH, especially when it´s used for hobby!

Does anyone have some hints for me?

Thanks and regards,

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