DA 16-50 and DA 50-135 prices doubled - It's an outrage

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Re: If they've fixed the SDM, it will be worth it (nt)

marike6 wrote:

BarcaFan wrote:

I bought the SMCP-DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 ED last month for $899 today i look and they are $1521. So what justifies a jump of $621?

My point exactly. Some in this thread tried to compare the 50-135 price to the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR, but to me, while the focal lengths are the same, one lenses is an APS-C lens. As such, it cannot be compared to the 70-200 which is an investment that is guaranteed to work on all future bodies. If Pentax releases a FF DSLR, K-3, the 50-135 will be useless for the new FF Pentax.

On what basis do you makle this claim

Both Nikon and canon have history of dumping users with mount changes Pentax does not.

Though the 50-135 may have reduced functionality history indicates it will always function on any future Pentax camera
The same cannot be said for any Nikon lens.

Rather you should ask how can Nikon Charge $800 for having Nikon on the lens when both Tamron and Sigma produce lens that compete in the same focal lengths.

ANd maybe Nikon needs to tighten their quality too if they want to charge those prices

As Photozone state

"In the MTF lab the first sample lens delivered good to very good resolution figures but suffered from a rather pronounced centering defect - this is actually not overly unusual for Nikon VR lenses "

I could understand a price increase of $100-150. But to almost double the price of a lens overnight is a slap in the face to all Pentax users. And after having spent around $2000 USD in the past month for a K-30 and 5 lenses, I really kind of resent the suggestion that customers like me who complain about such dramatic price increases by threatening to jump to Nikon are killing the Pentax brand. So I'm supposed to suposed to blindly accept any outrageous pricing decisions? Sorry, but we all work hard, and in these tough financial times it is just foolish to accept price gauging because of some abstract, sentimental notion of loyalty.

So I assume you will no longer be buying Nikon glass having been royally gouged for years ??

The whole idea that Pentax can produce lens cheaper than Nikon just for the American market is preposterous and as they say "only in America".

Pentax wants to f customers, they should be prepared for the consequences. It doesn't mean I don't love their gear (I bought into it didn't I?). It means that if they are not going to offer competitive prices, people are going to flee. There is a lot of great gear out these days, and companies that respect their customers will ultimately win out. I thought Pentax was such a company, but this latest move is showing that perhaps they don't care about us.

I'm sorry you resent it but Pentax have been very clear on their intent to straighten up US pricing , I didn't notice complaints as prices caved from the last adjustment and suspect to listen to eery silence when it happens this time

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