DxOMark still silent on the E-M5

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Re: This is a problem for the consumer

sderdiarian wrote:

Basically, my sense is they're using the "Overall Score" as an editorial device to communicate which cameras they subjectively like better than others, for whatever reasons. This would be fine if clearly stated as such, but it's instead cloaked in pseudo-scientific numbers which come across as having the same legitimacy as their test data (Color Depth, DR and Low-light ISO).

You (and others who don't pay a lot of attention to the DxOMark composite score) are wise to concentrate on the tangible individual measurments' specifications. The composite score is just a silly number for people to glom onto ... DxOMark will not even tell anybody what the formula is ...

See this recent DxOMark Forum post from Dosdan (a very bright and friendly chap I know):

Score= 59 + 4.15 x (Portrait - 21.1) + 3.6 x (Landscape - 11.3) + 4.6 x log2(Sports/663) + 0.036

The fit to the actual DxOMark is quite good for many cameras, but tends to be a bit off for the hottest recent models .


A math formula that is a bit hard to relate to ? You bet ! It's just a silly metric for people who want a single number that will praise/damn their toys without understanding the particulars. It's rubbish ! It seems silly to expect a single numerical rating to encompass various aspects of cam performance.

However, the individual RAW-level measurements themselves are anything but rubbish. The emotive "baggage/crabbage" unloaded in these "DxO-related" threads amazes me. Hard to fathom

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