Switching from olympus 4/3

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Jump big now istead of later

You are making a giant leap why not go all the way to FF? D700 prices are lower than ever. I have this cam and wanted a pocket cam and bought an Oly EPL1. While I absolutely love this little cam it is limited in what it can do by the size of its sensor. I agree with what you are saying about the Oly colors but the Nikons do fine but with a undefinable difference ( discussed on these forum ad naseum). Comparing my Oly to Nikon images it is not the noise so much as the increased dynamic range of the FX images. The difference in noise is considerable as it should be.

As others mentioned there will be new cameras in a month and they may make a new ball game. D5100 and D7000 D700 prices are dropping so that would mean new replacements are on the way and they want to clear out the old stock. When the products arrive the price on the old ones can rise as there will be backlash as to the new product not fitting someones needs and shortages of the old stock sold at lower prices.

Be forwarned that the inexpensive Nikons require AFS lens to auto focus and will not meter with legacy unchipped lens. That being said they have some very good inexpensive lens prime and zoom that are AFS and chipped.

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