Some shots from archives with my different Sony Cameras

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Re: Whoops, Here is the 828 shot

Bill Borne wrote:

Thanks Agusto. Yup, I like my trips Came very close to buying a small camper van recently but decidied I wasn't laying out $77,000.00 And would only have decent sleeping for 2 and crap sleeping for 2!

Don't have to pay that much. But yes there are compromises. I make long, solo photo forays in which I'm far out in the outback of the USA, no campgrounds, no motels and so on. I've been doing this with a Ranger 4x4 with a Leer shell on it. I've been out for weeks at a time and clear across the US that way. Beyond the normal tourist places into really wild areas. The Ranger can even get into places where bigger trucks have a hard time going.

With my wife retiring our photo forays can expand beyond photography day trips we do together into the stuff I've been doing. But the shell won't do it, we have tried to figure a way for two in it. A small pop top pickup camper will give us the portable sleeping accommodations necessary on top of the improved self contained living. And there are such campers designed specifically for those of us who go far into 4x4 country. Ones that won't add to the footprint of the truck. Here's what I'm in search of in hopefully a good used one:

There are other companies, I have no association with this one other than wanting their product.

Yes it's only a step up but far better than tent camping. Being able to go even relatively close places and stay out there overnight or longer will save gas costs while giving us longer time to do photography. And gas costs are our biggest limitation now. In my lifetime I've used several varieties of campers and even motor home sized ones. Also hiked and endless forms of tent and simple camping. They have great value for travel. We are too old to do the tent route, need slightly better.

For instance, my wife and I spent this weekend on a two day photographic foray into the N Georgia "mountains". One night in a motel with the accompanying extra miles to get to it cost us well over $100 on top of the photographic trip part, just to have a place to sleep. When with a camper as above we could have just parked where we were photographing. We found lots to photograph, but with even more hours we might have found more.

Photography equipment comes in all kinds of forms. Our transport is an important part of that equipment.

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