DxOMark still silent on the E-M5

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Re: Dxo is a questionable "organization" and . . .

How is any of that cheating?

3DrJ wrote:

cnewhall wrote:

I keep reading that point of view everywhere, but it doesn't make any sense. If Olympus was able to cheat to get a better score, doesn't that mean that DXOMark's results have no bearing on real IQ?

If Olympus is able to "cheat" to get a better quality image then they deserve a good score, and if it turns out the image isn't as good visibly as something that got a lower score (the Pentax K01 maybe?) that would mean that their whole scoring system is screwed up.

All camera manufacturers "cheat" because they have to . After all, sensor data has to be processed by the camera's integrated software intrinsic to its computing hardware or programmed in "firmware".

As you say, if some camera makers are more proficient creating in-silicon software or firmware, and thus better "cheaters" accordingly. The idea that anyone other than the producer of the sensor, or camera designer, can measure "sensor output" is pure mythology. The rest of us can only measure the camera's output, as thoroughly "cooked" as it is.

Now lets doff our chef hats to the camera vendors who "cheat". The more they are willing and able to do so, the better the results we get to enjoy.


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