Simultaneous 50p and 60p recording for international broadcasts?

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Re: Simultaneous 50p and 60p recording for international broadcasts?

hjulenissen wrote:

50 60 conversion is a common conversion. I am guessing that is one reason why many "US" productions looks poor here in Europe.

I know they do this sometimes, i have seen videos recorded at 24fps that play back at 30fps with every fourth original frame doubled, it may be the way they always broadcast 1080p24 in America? But tennis and other sports broadcasts here on eurosport and bbc always seem to be real 50fps.

An alternative might have been to have camera sensors grab at 300 fps, then (perhaps internally in the camera) generate two streams that average every 5 and every 6 frames (or fractions thereof if you want 180 degrees shutter).

I had also thought of this but it seemed overly optimistic considering the low frame rates camera's like the RED Epic and Sony F65 capture at. Of course they may just be capturing 2mp bayer resolution to make this possible or maybe not even that, I just remembered that 50/60p broadcasts are only 1280x720 (I am watching on a 1024x768 plasma :)). I guess 300fps is looking more likely, especially since they may be using the same camera's for the slow motion replay's. I had always thought they were separate camera's.

It would really make sense if tv networks all over the world started supporting at least the framerates mandated by "HD-ready" standards: 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 frames or fields per second (multiply by 1001/1000 where it makes sense). Then content could be generated in whatever format is convenient, and playback equipment could present it as good as possible. With "PC-based" sources becoming more and more important, I am guessing that 30/60 fps will be a global standard sooner or later.

I agree though I wish PAL and anything under 60fps would just die ASAP.

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