S100 after 2nd repair

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Re: S100 after 2nd repair

Gail, glad to hear your S100 is back to normal! I did dro pinto my local retailer this weekend to ask about my request in connection with a "latent defect". My local store is sophisticated and a good-sized dealer, they have a bunch of professional clients as well.

The salesperson who spoke to the Canon rep told me that it was a bad solder connection that is coming loose and causing the lens error, and that it is not common (he was told a relatively small number of S100s within the affected serial numbers have been returned for repair.)

Maybe an assembler was having a bad day, or they had a bad bunch of solder...

the Canon rep told him that he was instructing anyone concerned to send their S100 back to Canon and tell them the lens is making noise, to have it checked out. I am not going to do this while my S100 is working well...

Just used it on a client inspection visit, including some shots inside a dark building, and they came out fine after a little adjustment PP.

the only regular focus problems I'm having are when I'm trying to include a somewhat near object in a long shot, and forget to switch to manual focus, although I have more OOF shots on the S100 than on my old Fuji F10.

My S100 is temporarily off-duty while I play with my new Canon 40mm F2.8 pancake lens on my 40D...getting some great shots with my new walkaround lens. A few taken this afternoon in front of the local health food store:

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