Mac Mini server vs. Macbook Pro

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Re: Mac Mini server vs. Macbook Pro


There are rumors of a 13" MBP retina, a refreshed iMac and maybe even a refreshed mini. This is a bad time to buy. The newest iMac and Mini are rather old.

If I had to buy today in your situation...I would go with the 2.6Ghz Quad 15 MBP retina bumped to 16GB for a total of $2499 + tax. Which is slightly above budget after taxes.

This is $600 more than the $1,899 2.3 Ghz quad Hi-Res 1680x1050 non-retina but already comes with a 256MB SSD ($200 value), 16GB ($90 value) but you get the 1G of video ram (vs 512MB), slightly faster CPU (2.6 vs 2.3) and, of course, the retina display.

There's not much that can touch that display. The 2880x1800 resolution is higher than the PA271W-BK. Much smaller of course. I have an older MBP with the high-res non-matte screen. If I have to live on just laptop screen there's no contest between the MBP retina and the MBP.

The retinal MBP is simply a better deal than the non-retina and for once the Apple RAM upgrade price isn't too bad. In comparison the 2.6Ghz non-retina MBP with the same 1GB GPU and the high res display costs $2299 before upgrading with aftermarket RAM and SSD.

You can run all day charging via solar and then unplug and run another several hours on battery. You then only need to run the genny when you need to run something else that's a power hog. And when you do so, you can use some of the extra capacity to recharge the MBPr battery. And you have the option of buying a 222 Wh external battery to further extend that time.

I have a mini. I like the mini. I wouldn't do a mini in your scenario even after a refresh. You're stuck with either a dual core i7 with GPU or a quad core i7 with only the integrated GPU. And there's no scenario where it and the NEC runs for 7 hours detached from a power source.

You should still wait to see if there is an update that better suits your needs and budget in the next couple months but I think the MBP retina is your best option.

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