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I agree with both suggestions...

I use FotoFusion for wedding album layouts and is great but there is a fairly long term learning curve to exercise this software to the fullest and I don't think one getting married in 5 weeks has the time to do so..

I also just tried AdoramaPix and was highly impressed with the quality even though I have had books done by White House Custom Color and MPIX labs.

To the OP I also suggest using the Unibind system to make your own

I comes with the heating unit, the paper, and a very nice linen finished 8.5 x 11 lansdcape hard cover book, you download the easy to use layout software with the supplied code.

I tried the starter system (too bad it was only $49 a month ago) and I am hooked. I just purchased 20 hard covers. You just print the layouts, insert the pages in the binder, place it on the heater unit, it auto heats and shuts off for the correct time and PRESTO!, a great book. You can later remove and insert new pages if needed by reheating the binder. Watch the videos on the Unibind site and Youtube.

If you go this way and want to make more of these Unibind books I suggest that you buy the hard covers from here...

A lot cheaper than anywhere else on the web, but you need to buy in lots of 10.

8.5 x11 linen finish landscape books go for $8 each, $80 for 10 and free shipping. If you need help talk to Patrick.

Bob P.

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