IR Image. Converted Nikon d200. Please C&C

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Re: IR Image. Converted Nikon d200. Please C&C

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Kerry Pierce wrote:

I love IR and I'm looking to convert another camera to full time IR. Not sure if I want to do a d200 or a d7k.

I'd much rather convert a d7000 because of the live view; then you would be able to focus. Actually, I'd probably rather convert a NEX since then I wouldn't be losing a piece of photographic equipment.

Is there any way to meter IR?

I suppose it would depend on the camera used. I don't believe there's any way to actually meter IR wavelengths, but I'm not sure how that works. The cameras can meter something, whether it's IR or residual visible light, I don't know. I've had 2 bodies converted so far, a Sony digicam and a d70. I had no problems figuring out the exposures with either camera. Usually, the heaviest IR areas are very easy to blow out. IIRC, most advise that you meter off of the grass, which is quite IR reflective. I haven't been able to do any IR for a while. The d70 is dead and I just can't get into using the old digicam. Its noise levels were pretty bad.

The biggest problem with IR conversions, IMO, can be with noise levels. I like to use higher shutter speeds and hand hold the camera, which requires higher ISO settings and can easily lead to noise issues. That's why I'll probably convert the d7k rather than the d200, although you do have a good point about live view for use on a tripod. I just don't use a tripod for IR, if I can help it.

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