Manual mode vs apeture or shutter prority

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Re: Manual mode is for

Yes, you control the aperture and the camera chooses the shutter according to how it meters the scene . If you set the same aperture using manual mode, and you use the camera's meter to find the appropriate shutter speed, the result will be exactly the same .

The camera isn't deciding the shutter speed for you. It's giving you a shutter speed to give the "correct" exposure for your chosen aperture. You do most certainly come into the equation here. If the shutter speed is all wrong, for example, much too slow, you then have to have to make some decisions. We never accept what the camera gives us without checking it against our intentions. If the shutter speed is too slow, we may then decide to bump up the ISO. Or dig out the tripod. Or change to a larger aperture. Photography is all about making those decisions.

Shooting in Manual doesn't mean we get to choose any settings we like. We are still tied to getting the "right" exposure. The right exposure may not be what the camera wants to give us. We may decide we want to underexpose a stop. We can do this in Manual but we can also do this in Aperture Priority by dialing in -1.0 exposure compensation.

If you're not using the camera's metering at all, Manual is absolutely the go. Experienced photographers certainly use Manual mode. But if you are relying on the camera's metering, Manual may not that useful. It can be unnecessary and pointless. The argument in this thread has been about if Manual is inherently better and if it gives you more control. Some of us have been arguing that it may be no advance on the other modes. It depends on how you use it. If you really understand exposure, and how to work your camera, it's possible to get superior results from the other modes.

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