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This will be handled by the DNS of your hosting company. For example, with my website, both and go to the same web server. It would be the same if I set up something like (not real at the moment) and had it pointing to the same IP of my hosted server. No actual redirecting to another address, the address that you type will stay the same.

It's kind of like in a phone book, if both a husband and wife are listed separately but they have the same phone number. You look up his name, goes to 555-555-5555. You look up her name, also goes to 555-555-5555. Looking up her name doesn't say "Please refer to Billy Bob."

So, you can ask them to set up both domainA and domainB to point to the same hosted site. Maybe mention that you do not want one to redirect to the other.

AF Tracker wrote:

OK. So, how does that work? Do I tell my hosting company (which also handles the domains) to direct traffic accessing website B directly to website A?

Is this like that B&H does? I type in and I wind up at

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