NEX Autofocus speeds in real life

Started Sep 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
relate2 Contributing Member • Posts: 930
I think you hit the nail on the head zackiedawg.

I also think a lot depends on your skill level and your understanding of contrast focusing.

I took a couple of birds in flight photos the other day which really pushed the focusing of my next to the limit.

Here is one in which my camera was by my side, I saw the bird approaching, I lifted the camera to my eye placed the bird in the middle of the centre focus square and pushed the shutter button. If you look closely you can just see his eye poking above his wing.

Having said the above, yes in low light you may need to pre-focus on an area where you want to take a photo of a moving subject. If the subject is stationary though in low light I have been amazed at how well my NEX focuses.

In daylight I have no problem with focus speed.

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